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Support The Effort

5 Ways to Help

We are committed to preserving what remains of Bluewater Bay’s green spaces. It is only through donations, pledges, volunteer efforts, event participation and golf that we are able to reach our goals. We are also very reliant upon donations from the community, businesses and other supporters.

Personal or Corporate Donations

We accept online personal or corporate donations through the website or via check.

Extend Your Lot

Pledge to purchase the golf course land behind your house and extend your lot. Your pledge to purchase this land must be received by 31 Oct 2023.

Join The Fun!

Who knew that having fun could make Bluewater Bay even better? Through playing golf and participating in our events, you can help. It’s a real win-win.

Golf @ Bluewater Bay

The very best scenario is that our green spaces sustain themselves and golf is a means to that end. And it’s fun, our course is beautiful and our pricing is very fair. Come by Bluewater Bay for a round or two – and then purchase a membership after you see how great golf is at Bluewater Bay.

Donate Your Time

Volunteers allow us to manage the golf course, maintain the grounds and organize different event. If you would like to join others who are generous in nature and want to help Preserve Bluewater Bay, please let us know.

Thank you for choosing to make a difference!

Preserve Bluewater Bay FL